My Autumn.

Exacly like my favorite season, you settled in without notice. Like part of the cheesy quote from The Fault In Our Stars: “…Slowly, then all at once”. It’s like one day everything’s suddenly different, you’re full of color, the weather is lovely and you don’t want it to end. My autumn, you’re not about dead leaves, you’re all about new beginnings. 

Like the bravest of the trees, you don’t panic when the green starts to fade away, you just accept it and realize that it is time for a change. A change of seasons. I am the set of eyes put here to admire the beauty of your many colors, but I am also the heart unconsciously synchronizing with your beats, I am also the soul openly feeling the myriad of emotions you seem to provoke.
Autumn, I was sitting outside under a dark chilly sky full of shiny little stars, I was looking up, only wishing to be one. And then I discovered your silhouette, walking under that same sky with all the knowledge in your hands, oblivious of the stars, illuminating your own path with this silly looking broken flash-light, and still doing exactly what you’d like.

You’re a blessing to look at, a breath of fresh air, a handful of hope, a Factory of Faith. Keep on, peeling the old, peeling the year long dusty tired leaves, take it all off and stand right there naked. Show the bystanders that fear is a constant but never an excuse. I am looking at you, always in constant motion.

 Originally published at Día a Día.


2 comentarios en “My Autumn.

  1. Dices que soy fuerte, como el tronco de un árbol… Pero, a veces, me dejas sin palabras, tal y como un árbol se queda sin hojas en esta precisa estación del año.
    Y, como dices, no es malo quedarse sin hojas, así que no es malo que me quede sin palabras.

    Gracias por verme como nadie más me ve. Gracias por aceptar mis verdaderos colores.

    Gracias por regalarme tan hermoso inicio de octubre.


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