Writing 201: Poetry | Water – Haiku – Simile.

I formally joined the “Writing 201: Poetry” course on The Daily Post! I thought I was too late and decided to still try to keep up just for fun, but I made it on time. Yesterday they published the first assignment.

In short:

The Prompt: Water.

Let’s start this course with a poetic homage to H2O: today’s word prompt is water.

 The Form: Haiku.

  • A traditional Japanese form, now popular around the world.
  • Three lines of verse containing five, seven, and five syllables, respectively.

 The Device: Simile.

Make sure the things you compare are conceptually different enough. Don’t compare apples to oranges: compare apples to planets, or animals, or sounds.

So, here’s my attempt at combining the three, though it’s not necessary and we can choose to just exercise one of the elements, I wanted to go ahead and give it a try. Let me know what you think.


Nothing like nature,

Humans lack transparency,

A soul as water.


12 comentarios en “Writing 201: Poetry | Water – Haiku – Simile.

  1. Very beautiful… I think you need to change the punctuation. The way it’s written is like one long cohesive sentence, and it doesn’t quite make sense. I think the first comma could be changed to a period, and the second as a semicolon. The words are beautiful, make them flow appropriately 🙂

  2. I like the comparison you are working on here: nature, humans, transparency, water. We all hide, in part because we don’t even truly know ourselves. But to work toward transparency, integrity, toward being truly known and knowing truly, is a beautiful thing.


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