Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Becoming was released on November 13 of the year 2018, and was dearly awaited by lots of us still craving some memories of those days filled with sanity and people trying to improve things in higher government. Yes, this is a memoir, a bibliographic piece that goes back to the earlier years of our most beloved First Lady.


Opening up about who you are and exposing your roots are things that come naturally when you are proud and honest about yourself, it is not as easy to do when you are a public figure and need to protect your deepest thoughts and feelings about situations, subjects, and people; in this book Michelle Obama succeeds in showing us a broader picture of herself, her thoughts and mindset about stuff we could only see from the outside when they were happening.

When you are a public figure, people have expectations and it is clear that the way people perceive and think about you is usually not the way you are. I try to avoid this practice, I usually don’t follow big personalities and never obsess about anybody, but when it comes to politics and writers I am always interested. I can say that with Mrs. Obama I am guilty of having my own perception, which is why I was struggling with the book a bit before midway because I couldn’t reconcile the person in my mind with the one being portrayed in words.

I was reading this person that was coming across as closed-minded, rigid, goal oriented, change-resistant because I was comparing her with my warm, light-spirited, easy-going portrait of Michelle Obama, the one we all came to embrace. As I kept reading though, it became clear how facing personal doubts, meeting new people, experiencing new environments, exploring new ideas, getting to know some else’s issues and vicissitudes shaped a lot the mind, soul, and path of this wonderful woman. That is life, and that is the point of this title, we truly get to experience her Becoming and are left aware that she is not yet done.

Aside from getting to really see Michelle, we also get a view on a few inside rules and ways of politics, government, a glimpse of how things are done and get done, an idea of how our leaders process things before delivering it to the people, how they live and how difficult it is to be humans in a way, to be individuals. I am truly glad we had the opportunity to have such wonderful minds in charge for a while there, and even if we took a hundred steps back, I am confident we do know better.

If you admire the Obamas, appreciate the way they conducted themselves while in office, the light they provided and the intelligence with which they stirred, you will appreciate this book. If you saw Michelle Obama as a strong example for girls and woman everywhere, you will appreciate this book.



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