Book Review: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.

This is my first book by Morrison and I am utterly impressed by her writing. Considering her a new insta-buy, also a good thing I have material for days to catch up on. Lucky us the ones just finding Morrison, for we will be having these feelings, this joy, in the present.

Anyway, to the book, I had seen so many reviews out there that left me thinking this book was unreadable, packed with only tragedy, unnecessary details, the darkest of stories, something of that sort… All I saw here was truth, life itself, and so many things we need to work on as a society and as human beings.

Toni Morrison managed to capture the feelings of so many girls that grow up into a pre-set standard of beauty that society inflicts upon them through all means possible (magazines, television, toys, etc). She helped us understand how a life can bend under the eyes and influence of so many people, the turns our stories can take in the long run, how happiness and hope can wear off with time, how we can let a change of plans consume us, break us, how we ourselves can harm our own to favor strangers, and how we are guilty of misjudging everything more times than not.

This book is packed with so much!

It also made me think of myself, of my tender years. What if I’d have felt prey of bullying? If I’d have believed everything I was told or made fun of for? What if I’d have never grown out of most insecurities? What if I’d never found a way to love myself as I am? – Most girls don’t get to be this lucky, to find a way out of the lies and the constant “reminders” of how we should look or what we should strive for… I don’t even know how I managed, since everything/everyone around me was trying hard to break me when I was most vulnerable and self-conscious, as a teenage girl. When everyone from schoolmates to family (inadvertently, although you don’t know that as a kid/teen) is making fun of your looks, on how you should have a thinner nose, all about the tricks to pinch it several times a day and how they will work so hard to get you plastic surgery someday, on how your skin is such a mess and you are just 10-11 years old, girl you are already doomed!, on how your clothes are all unsuitable rags, even if you couldn’t care less about what you have on, and what you’re trying to call “your style” is just a lack of one, etc. The only thing I do remember throughout all of that is this little voice, that never faltered, telling me how everyone was missing out on how funny, creative, smart and witty this soul of mine was, and thanks heaven for that little voice. I wish no one would ever have the need for it, that voice, that the world was a kinder/safer place, but whilst we work on it I am hoping that voice to scream louder than the outside noise inside all of those girls and boys who are today facing these issues.

Someone is trying to make us forget about what is truly important, it is so easy to get caught up in the stuff you can see, so easy to dismiss someone based on looks over brains and personality, most times than not we humans are lazy like that. So let’s focus on the health of our inner selves and on improving our relationships with others and the world.

There’s still so many aspects of this book worth exploring, but I am leaving it at that. I do hope you guys pick this one up and discover those other elements that remain untouched by this already long attempt of a review 😋😅


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